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Nearly 50 years after the late Great Nina Simone chided America with her heralded hit record “Mississippi Goddam.” Milwaukee raptivists Gat Turner and Viva Fidel, have echoed her sentiment in their first highly anticipated official single release “Killwaukee God Damn” !

Just as “Mississippi Goddam” was a protest song for the murder of Medgar Evers, and the 1963 Church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama which killed four little Black girls. “KGD” is an artistic interpretative response to life in modern day Milwaukee or 'KILLwaukee' , Wisconsin. It is evident that the voices of Gat Turner and Viva Fidel are an artistic, collective cry for change. Speaking on many of the issues that others in the religious, political and even the Hip Hop communities have deemed the proverbial “Elephant in the Room,” these 'edutainers' have once again provided us with a timely, profound musical provocation of thought.

GAT TURNER lyrics:
I hail straight from Killwaukee - They say, "Where is that?" Somewhere between shooting heroine & smokin' crackIn between a mega-church and a dirty mosque - Purgatory and the Land of the Lost
You can take a walk and see death on the bus stop - Take a ride and see death in a drop top/ Death in the eyes of the Black cop, White cop - Death in disguise of a Playstation... Xbox /It's like standing trial or living on the run - Either a devil with a gavel, or a devil with a gun
Being broke and famous or rich and infamous - Public Enemy #1, the arch-nemesis /With nothing to lose & nothing to gain - Like a shot to your head, or an aneurysm in your brain
Living check to check and drowning in debt - Then busting at the repo cuz ends ain't met/ Between Babylon and Nazareth - The coroner and Lazarus - Disbelief and hypocrisy is hazardous
That shit is dangerous - Between Ebonics and Spanglish - anguish, so high that it's painless /It's like being sent a Messenger of God, then on the Day of Judgement see that you're on the wrong side
Between the funeral and the wake, the make believe and the fake, somewhere between the fix & the break /Or having superhuman strength with a cryptonite allergy - but yet and still it's not another place I'd rather be / Ain't got no "S" on my chest - I'm picking slugs out my vest - Cuz even niggas you show love be jealous of success

I was raised around the corner from murder one / taught not to ask questions or play dumb / I became numb / by the time I was old enough to stay out late/ the hustlers couldn't wait/ they put they rocks in my face and said "let's get paid" / try explaining that to ya teachers in the 6th grade / then suddenly the same one who showed me cooked crack/ under the street light / was doin prison time / this aint right / where the guns and the coke really come from? my lil cousin got caught sellin dum-dums / to an undercover / then he killed his baby mamma brother / cuz its 187/ but only on eachother/ just the smell of the crabs in a barrel is unbearable/sending condolences to the community this shit is terrible/ the lack of love lead to the life of a thug/ or T.he H.ate U. G.ave L.il I.nfants F.ucked E.verything/ rebuildin self esteem in these kings and queens/ seen some shit on the news the next day we forget/ like the pigs kill the people cause they still get away with it/ no retaliation / no consequence/ not only in Wisconsin / not only in this country / we might can't get no justice / but we can get some money / so let's get down to business / hustle like I'm hungry / get up on ya fitness / hit the weights do some running/ we ready for whatever /like that's part of the plan/ they ask me where I'm from & I be like Killwaukee goddamn!!

KGD (DJ Pack) digital release features:
'KGD' song (radio & street edits with & without Intro)
'KGD' instrumental


released February 5, 2013

'KGD' written & performed by: Gat Turner & Viva Fidel (c)

Production, Mix & Scratches by: BMT / Recorded @ BJ Shaw Studios
(Contains voice sample of Rev. Jeremiah Wright)



all rights reserved


KillwaukeeX Milwaukee, Wisconsin

GAT TURNER X VIVA FIDEL come together to shed light on their homebase (Milwaukee,WI). This explosive lyrical Xperiment sparked after years of crossing paths consistently during performances & community work. As soon as their collaboration was announced the buzz began. "In Killwaukee" the lead off promo single & video for the Mixtape was received with excitement from listeneres nationwide! ... more

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